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Accutane is a powerful medicine used for the treatment of moderate to severe acne.

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Buy accutane order accutane from canada online canada pharmacy , and I wanted to purchase the product. So I called number and was told that the product too expensive. I told them what was the price and how much of the item would I save or get. At this point another representative came on the phone, I explained to her that the price I was quoted too cheap. She said, "You've still got to pay for it." When I tried to explain that the item was too expensive I told that could purchase a cheaper version at the store and still pay for the whole product. At that point I was left with no recourse but to pay for the item. This woman, and store representative should all be fired for making me feel this way. If type of treatment was treated as illegal then there would be more lawsuits on a regular basis. The only reason why more people would have to sue, or even go this far was because they were not given a fair chance to respond. That's something I'm appalled by the company to think that it's ok treat us like this. If this is what the company expects people to spend their hard earned cash on, then I'm not sure I'd ever buy any products there again. I am sorry that they took my order when clearly know it is not right. This a company that should be ashamed where can i buy accutane in canada for what it is doing. should be banned from doing business in Canada forever. If it can happen to me or a couple of Order dutasteride uk friends at least, it can happen to anyone. In no way did I ever give this company any type generics pharmacy price list of medicines of positive review prior to the events of Friday, February 22, 2015. The very next day I received an email from a company spokesperson stating that I had cancelled my order and that I was wrong. The reason cancelled my order was because they sent a wrong size product to me. They had never sent it before. On top of that, they have a policy of refunding any money up to the value of item purchased. I am a single mom who is on EI and live a very busy life. I've always shopped at drugstores and Walgreens on a regular basis since I was a child. This is not the type of business I want to spend time with. Even after I gave them a chance, they refuse to even take the item back. I did not go into the store to dispute their error since I did not make a purchase. When I got home contacted their customer service and spoke with him on the phone. He kept saying that I was wrong and had to return the item. I was in an absolute bind since I had made a purchase and given them the opportunity to correct mistake. He insisted that I either take them up on their offer of providing a refund, or else I would keep the product. store representative that called me stated they will not be able to refund my $14 (Canadian) and $18.40 (US) worth of products. He told me that would call my husband was with me to make him sign a release that would allow me to keep all Where to buy tretinoin gel usp of them. The company representative stated "I don't expect you to return the items but I will accept the release you provide to Cetirizine tablets gsk keep them" This shows a complete disregard for their customers. They take credit cards and offer to refund items. Why on earth would I sign a release that could keep something I have purchased? am now left with $14.40 worth of products that I could very well throw away.

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